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Justice League 2099 by xaqBazit Justice League 2099 by xaqBazit
Hereís my Earth 2099 Justice League characters - a little more like X-men with everyone having a positive and a negative side to their abilities, tying all their pasts together so they all have motivations that complicate their interrelationships. And at the end of the day they create a good set up for a modern-day marvel style event like AvX.

The characters:
Elemental Flash is a scientist whoís attempt to communicate with Aliens ends up transporting Martain Man to earth. His violent arrival causes the scientistsí chemicals to spill on him - transforming him into pure energy, able to move up to the speed of light but never return to his human form or his wife for that matter.

Martian Manís features adapt to look like a human, but canít stand it and longs to return to his home planet after being effectively kidnapped. What he doesnít know is that his planet was destroyed after warring with the Kryptonians, in which the Green Lanterns intervened.

Aquaman is now a woman (Aquatica) who was tied to the anchor of her boat and left for dead in the bottom of the Manhattan river by gangsters, in debt for the money her husband owed them. As Martian Man arrived (the same accident that created the flash) the river is electrified and she emerges with gills and owning the instrument of her demise (the Anchor), throwing it like Thorís hammer, and yet it returns to her like Capís Shield with the chain which is still tied to her.

Hawkman and Batmanís animals have basically been switched. This Batman has real batwings sprouting from his back and is from Bat-world, similar to Hawk-world it is a gladiator-like culture, where much of the universe recruit their mercenaries, who come in contact commonly with the Green Lanterns.

Green Lanternís ring was stolen and used to power Metallo (now Metallo Lantern) but the plan backfired and the ring changed him for the better.

The original Green Lantern, now ringless, turns to making the same weapons he used to be able to create as contructs, and now creates them with a use of technology and science, becoming known as Man-Hawk after wanting to strike fear into the hearts of criminals as a Hawk did to him while ringless.

Superman (Superman-Hunter) actually looks like the Alien he is, part-Kryptonian-part-guardian, he is tied to Green Lanternís past but still crash landed as a child, and instead of being adopted by a sweet pair of old people he was chased into hiding as a child, with everyone he met trying to capture or kill him for his appearance.

Wonder Womanís lasso is actually her shackles and chainís of slavery, with a similar repurposing of what was used against her, like Aquamanís anchor or even the symbol of the Hawk to Man-Hawk. A real Amazonian, the Woman Wonder left paradise island and allowed herself to be captured by white slave owners to break out as many others as she could and fight the south to free the slaves. She was for the civil war, what Captain America was for WW2. Never aging and with the ability to fly, she finds a kindship with Super-Manhunter for more reasons than one and the two fall in love.

The story:
Martian Man is the hesitant defacto face of Justice Legue 2099 to the world, but this is a double-edged sword when the news stations learn he is a shape-shifter and the public feel deceived and start to turn on them. This sets Superman-Hunter off, who has been planning to subvert the strength the JL2099 has amassed to get revenge on mankind for how they treated him growing up, vowing to recreate Krypton on earth.

Metallo-Lantern learns the Lantern was actually was forged out of a similar material to Kryptonite and uses it to effectively fight Superman-Hunter. Though even he has urges to turn against the world and join Superman-Hunter from his Metallo side.

Now the fate of the world comes down to the Woman Wonder, the oldest of them all. She is the only one who can stop Metallo Lantern, since his ring wonít work on her golden lasso, because it is yellow Ė a color his powers are useless against. But she is in love with Superman-Hunter and identifies with his background as a persecuted minority and can understand his motivation for wanting revenge.

Which side will she choose Ė donít you want to read something like this to find out?
JamesWhynotInks Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Professional
A whole backstory and character description, thats awesome. post it.
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